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Wikileaks: War Diary of Afghanistan

Daniel Ellsberg, a former US military analyst, has described the disclosure of the Afghan war logs as on the scale of his leaking of the “Pentagon Papers” in 1971 revealing how the US public was misled about the Vietnam war.

“An outrageous escalation of the war is taking place,” he said. “Look at these cables and see if they give anybody the occasion to say the answer is ‘resources”. He added: “After $300bn and 10 years, the Taliban is stronger than they have ever been … We are recruiting for them.”

However, the equivalent of the Pentagon Papers on Afghanistan – top secret papers relating to policy – had yet to be leaked, he said.

Source: The Guardian. View the Kabul War Diary from Wikileaks. Also see “Hypnotic illusions at the Wikileaks Show” from The Register.

From the perspective of a futurist this story tells everything about the future of the news media. The giants of news distribution are loosing their relevance to independent meta-sources like Wikileaks. The recent introduction of “pay-walls” by Murdoch on several general news services is a strategy of making themselves obsolete. Adding to the demise of mainstream news media comes the ereader.

Also read “Data, diffusion, impact: Five big questions the Wikileaks story raises about the future of journalism” from Niemanlab.

WikiLeaks and the rights of whistleblowers

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UPDATE: Collateral Murder.

In the early 90′s many thought the internet would enable authentic journalism and redefine freedom of the press. Almost 20 years later very little has happened with traditional news journalism. Most news articles are copies from press releases and intelligence agencies and are embedded in news media. Injunctions and libel law are being used to supress whistleblowers and the exposure of corruption. So what happened to the promise of a truly free press?

During the economic meltdown of Iceland many shady deals were made between Icelandic banks and authorities and international banks. WikiLeaks was the first source of these dealings and made the public aware of the actual strategy behind there backs. A strategy of maxing out loans and later pass the bill over to the public.

The Icelandic public were outraged and decided to rewrite the laws to avoid this happening again. On of these proposals are the Icelandic Modern Media Inititativ. The law is written with the intention of protecting investigative journalism around the world and making Iceland a safehaven for journalists, sources and service providers. Learn more about this law in the video below:

Also see “The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters” from Glenn Greenwald at Salon, “Wikileaks in the crosshairs” from Guardian and “Wikileaks to Screen Classified U.S. Air Strike Video Monday” from Gawker.

Read the latest leak from WikiLeaks “Afghanistan: Sustaining West European Support for the NATO-led Mission—Why Counting on Apathy Might Not Be Enough” (PDF).

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